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Jilly N Jones - The Rain Witch - TheRainWitch.com Welcome to The Rain Witch ~ TheRainWitch.com

I am a free spirited eclectic witch.  There are those that do not like the term witch so you could also say I am just a woman who worships our Universe and nature.  I refer to myself as "The Rain Witch" because when it is raining outside I am at my best.  I feel the earth cleansing herself and hydrating Her life.  It is a relaxing and refreshing time.  I feel most powerful and at peace when it is raining.  I also enjoy a great storm, that is when you feel Her most power and it is so amazing.

The Universe is God. The Universe offers many paths for us to take; it talks to us and tries to light the best path for us. There is no wrong path there is only your path. The Universe has called out to me to share my gifts to help others. The Tarot cards are a guide to help us find our path. I have a gift of connecting to Spirit and reading what the Tarot cards are telling us.  I am not here to predict the future but help advise what lies ahead and what to leave behind.  I am able to connect the Tarot with the phases of the moon so we walk with the Universe. I also use the pendulum, spells and rituals to connect to Spirit and help us along the way. I am growing and learning just as any of you. I want to make the world a kinder place. I want to spread the love and peace the Universe wants for us. She is a beautiful place and wants us all to communicate to Her. I am just one of Her instruments. I look forward to serving you and helping you light your path in life.

Jilly N. Jones - The Rain Witch

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